INTERBANK ADVISORS, As an investment bank, you can structure the entire process of acquiring solid companies or mercantile companies with significant market value under the PRIVATE EQUITY modality.


PRIVATE EQUITY, or capital investment, is a type of financial activity that consists in the acquisition, by an entity specialized in capital investment, of the majority share package of a company.

This entity becomes the majority owner of the company, usually temporarily, since after a period of time the sale of the purchased shares to the highest bidder is usually made.


The object of the investment is not the possession of the shares themselves but the obtaining of a return on the operation when selling them to a third party.

The operations of capital investment are usually aimed at mature companies with stabilized cash flows, in which the previous owners wish to sell their participation either due to disagreement between the former shareholders, problems in the succession of family businesses or divestment of subsidiaries not considered strategic. in industrial groups.

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