Types of Instruments


The financial team of INTERBANK ADVISORS S.A, will be able to provide support and financial advice to structure the acquisition of assets in the form of banking instruments.

 INTERBANK ADVISORS S.A, and its international allies have access and direct contacts with entities issuing assets in the form of securities to be used as collateral in financial operations, offering the possibility of acquiring assets in the form of instruments with a significant discount on their face value.

INTERBANK ADVISORS S.A, does not issue banking instruments, we only serve as a guide and consultants in the entire financial and legal process under a consulting contract with legalized fees in each country.


In the cases that you or your company wish the issuance of an SBLC, INTERBANK ADVISORS, will be able to instrumentalize the collateral so that you can in the form of leasing, be the beneficiary of said guarantee, for it you must present us your project for study and approval, After that, our financial team is able to manage and grant you a captive line of credit in a top 25 bank.


We offer the client the opportunity to access a private Buy sell of MTNs or BG (bank guarantees) without any risk for the investor.

CD (Certificate Of Deposit)

CD (Certificate Of Deposit)

It is a savings bank instrument with a fixed maturity date, specified fixed interest rate and can be issued in any denomination apart from the minimum investment requirements.

A CD restricts access to funds until the maturity date of the investment. CDs are usually issued by commercial banks.


BONDS. A bond is a debt financial instrument that is used by both private and government entities for the purpose of seeking financing.

The bond is a written commitment from the borrower and the assurance that all loan conditions will be met.

The safest bonds are considered to be those issued by sovereign states.

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