Project Financing

INTERBANK ADVISORS S.A, through our financial mechanisms for the structuring of projects and with the support of regulated entities in the United Kingdom and Europe, we can access a wide network of top 25 /50 banks to finance all kinds of projects, after auditing their financial and socio-economic viability in any country in the world that is not involved in wars or political conflicts (dictatorships) at the time of application.

Our economic group offers you the option of financial support through direct lines of credit and also opens the option of being your strategic partners or your financiers for the growth of your company.

The value of the project as a minimum must be 5 million Euros/USD and a maximum of 200 million Euros/USD.

Requirements to study the financing of your project:

1.KyC and Passport of the project promoter.

2. Business Plan of the project with all its annexes: (quotations, proformas, contracts,
3. Demonstrate that you have 10% of the project through a proof of funds updated to
the presentation of the project.

4. If you have a bank guarantee to leverage your project apply to the issuing bank for a BCL or RWA letter issued on the date of your application.
5. Authorization to Verify. (A.T.V)
6. With this documentation in order, our Risk Department will study the viability of your application of the project in 72 hours maximum.
7. When the financing of the project is approved, the conditions of the project will be informed interest rate and time to finance.

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