About us?

We are an INVESTMENT BANK, which acts as structuring advisors and specialists in international financial processes with emphasis on the development of processes for macro-project financing, consulting, business valuation, corporate finance and financial diagnosis.

INTERBANK ADVISORS, specializes in structuring processes to obtain money or other financial resources in international banking, with the objective of serving as support for private companies or governments to make investments. Creating the financial mechanism that allows our clients to obtain banking instruments through the issuance and commercialization of securities in capital markets, foreign exchange management, monetization of assets and trading of financial instruments in secondary markets and derivatives using as support regulated entities in the United Kingdom and Europe that act as third parties under legal contracts protected with policies and the endorsement of recognized international law firms.
Likewise, everything related to consulting services for the development of mergers and acquisitions, business divisions and private equity.


INTERBANK ADVISORS, does not function as a commercial bank, therefore, it cannot capture deposits from the public, its function is to assist individual clients, private companies and governments to raise capital, through our financial mechanisms, allied to a network of private banks with a direct relationship with a regulated asset management in the United Kingdom and Europe and / or as the client’s agent for the issuance and sale of securities in the capital markets or as an intermediary agent for market making, operation of financial derivatives, fixed income, foreign exchange, commodities and shares.

We have operational staff and direct strategic allies in countries such as: Panama City, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Dubai. We interact directly with REGULATED ENTITIES such as ASSET MANAGEMENT, which allow us to access the different investment windows and direct penetration to the different capital markets and various money tables and private investors.

Martin Manuel Bravo BaldovinoChairman Of The Board & C.E.O

Professional in business administration, specialist in Financial Markets and strategic planning, Master (O.L) in Banking and Corporate Finance of (IEB) Instituto de Estudios Bursatiles de Madrid, Chairman of the Board of INTERBANK ADVISORS S.A, Financial expert and corporate business manager with emphasis on PRÍVATE EQUITY for mature companies with stable cash flows as part of the organization’s MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS process under the non-liquid financial assets program, Corporate Business Manager with more than 10 years of experience in the market.

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